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Pool Essay Topics & Paper Examples


Question 1 Physical characteristics of temporary vernal pools Vernal pools are temporary water bodies that specifically carry standing water. Such water bodies do not have fish living in them. This creates a very conducive environment for the habitation of other aquatic animals like frogs and turtles (Ghabo, A, 2007). The temporary water bodies have the following general characteristics: 1. The pools have no fish for a long period of the year. This is mainly brought about by the seasonal variation of water volume in the pools. 2. Water level and volume always varies. The water level is never stable. This comes as a result of fluctuations in the water volume across the year. 3. Most pools are heterotrophic. This is…

Pool by corey campbell

The “good life” is what the majority of humanity desired. Even though it seemingly rules as the main goal today, people have established a more modern point of view. More and more people have started to counter pregnancy in general and that is definitely new. “It all changes with a kid.”(l.168) Children bring a huge commitment into the lives of us all and that’s why there are so many that avoid the so called “good” life. This is the main theme of the short story Pool. The story centers on the comparison of Darla’s life and the typical life of marriage. Darla is a woman that’s assumingly in her mid-twenties/start-thirties. We don’t receive an exact number of her years, but…