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Polymer Essay Topics & Paper Examples


Biopolymers are polymers that those that are made from living things and can be broken down by micro-organisms when released into the environment. Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is a polyhydroxyalkanoate produced by a microorganism called Alcaligenes Eutrophs. The bacterial culture is given abundant nutrient for rapid replication. Nutrient supply is then drastically reduced and the bacteria converts the available food into energy storage. This is produced in the form of PHB. PHB is then harvested and could be used. PHB has the potential to replace polypropene. Polypropene is used in a variety of applications including packaging, textiles, stationery, reusable containers and cutlery, laboratory equipment etc. Although PHB has a different molecular structure to polypropene, it has remarkably similar physical properties which can…

MIP experiment on the melting temperature of different polymers

LDPE has the lowest average melting temperature (103.6°C) out of the 4 polymers. It is because LDPE is a linear polymer that has a branched structure which is able to expel the applied heat faster through the “branches” and melt faster. HPDE has the second lowest average melting temperature (139.5°C) out of the 4 polymers. Unlike LDPE, HDPE does not have a branched structure and the HPDE polymer chains are able to pack more tightly to one another. Therefore HPDE has a higher density than LDPE and is able to withstand more heat than LDPE. However HPDE and LDPE has lower average melting temperatures of 139.5°C and 103.6°C respectively than average melting temperature of PP(178.4°C) is due to the fact…