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Polution Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Causes and Effect of Pollution in Our Environment

INTRODUCTION This chapter presents the overview of the topic about the causes and effects of air pollution to our environment. The term air pollution is a mixture of natural and manmade substances in the air we breath such as fine particles produced by the burning of fossils fuel ground level ozone, which is a reactive form of oxygen that is a primary component of urban smog and noxious gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and chemical vapors. The health effects of air pollution have been reported in research studies over the past 30 years. These effects include respiratory diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular diseases changes in lung development in children. What pollutants affect air quality? A few…

Creating a Healthy City

What Would a Healthy City Look Like A healthy city would be filled with clean air and a safe and high quality environment, with all basic needs such as water, food, and shelter for all residents. There would be ample education supplied for everyone, and in turn diverse employment opportunities so that more residents will have jobs. A healthy city would have plenty of recreational areas for its residents, and a public transportation system that would help residents travel safely between home and work. There would also be a superior level of appropriate public health care services and accessibility. (Hilgenkamp 364). Like a truly healthy human body, a truly healthy community is one in which all systems function as they…