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Politics and The English Language Response Essay

Clarity and simplicity, the only two factors that keep it real; at least the only two factors that help the readers understand the truth. Politics is always a tough thing to talk about, to follow, to express and even to educate yourself about. In the essay written by George Orwell “ Politics and the English Language” he deliberately expresses that writing of today isn’t the same writing of yesterday. In other words, George Orwell expresses his thoughts; today we have developed habits both bad and good, which can challenge truth behind the text and can manipulate the reader’s understanding.

As I came across the article ‘No plan B for pentagon in case of big budget cut” by Thom Shaker, an article which seems more for show than for information, seems to glorify the pentagon and the military. Numbers and statistics can easily be manipulated and played with so that the reader unless intuitive, has a hard time questioning, believing anything in print. The article states that if the white house and congress fail to an agreement there will be massive budget cuts, and the defense department has yet to plan for it. George Orwell would classify this article to be an example of good writing.

George Orwell says to be simple and clear, almost as if so that the reader does not have to overcome any obstacles to understand the information thus presented. The writer while busy glorifying the pentagon and military, also states the issue spot on which was earlier mentioned of how the defense department has not planned for possible budget cuts, and soon enough the author backs it up and supports the issue or popular question presented. The author states that the reason behind not planning was to prevent preparedness and provide security, so that the congress does not invent to not agree with the White House. No specific jargon words, which Orwell mentions to dismiss in his essay(pg.3)

There are no “ bad habits” exhibited throughout the article, the author does a well done job at keeping it simple and clear at the same time as sophisticated and presentable, a young adult has the same understanding as a matured adult. No mumbo jumbo to “ deficit, manned and unmanned, contingency” Comprehendible, at a a broad demographic range. George Orwells quote from his essay“ but merely language as an instrument for expressing and not for concealing or preventing thought”. Keep it at a simple level, to not persuade a reader by their maturity of understanding from either side, matured adults vs. young adults.

Through Orwell’s “ rules of writing”you can truly understand how societies “bad habits” have influenced the writing of today. The improper use of techniques to seem sophisticated has lead to nonsense and confusion. Political writing always seems to be nonsense and confusion, unless you follow and do your own research the truth always seems to be manipulated. Politics and The English Language by Orwell influences that a change in political writing is needed.

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