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Political View Essay

My first political view was formed through my family. Although politics weren’t really discussed with children, I eavesdropped in the conversations from time to time. I would hear how they liked one candidate over the other due to the issues they stood for. By overhearing my parents, I learned which issues were favored in my community. Those I grew up around were democrats. I heard a lot about needing officials in office that cared about the people instead of money. Learning about government in school growing up allowed those views learned from my parents to be challenged.

Although the curriculum was generally unbiased, the teachers that taught my courses had the opportunity to add their own opinions on a mass amount of political issues. This changed my mind on the democratic views that I had. The media has also influenced me through the information I have gained through it. Television and social media often discusses a lot of politics. They continue to cover the daily activities of the government. The presidential election is covered on the news as high priority. I am able to learn about the candidates that are running and each of their views.

Because I don’t try to associate myself with a particular political party, the televised debates help me decided who to vote for president. Although my family, teachers, and the media has been a big influence on my political views, my own experiences with politics have formed my views the most. A lot of my life’s experiences have been affected by politics. Issues such as education and employment are big ticket items in politics that I am directly affected by. Keeping up with the current issues allow me to know what’s going to change for me personally. Although I am not tied to any specific political party, I do have certain issues that are important to me.

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