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Political Degeneration Essay

Niccolo Machiavelli once said, ”Politics has no relation with morals”. With righteous reference to this statement let us now turn ourselves towards India, and have a look at India’s glorifying political past as well as the subduing present. 66 years of Indian independence are on, the nation has seen very few landmark changes in the political field. And TODAY Indian politics has been reduced to nothing more than a mere cat and mouse chase. Amidst this chaos one question arises that :Since the youth is the new face of our country why not let them be politically active…….

Since it is the students who have the young blood and the will to lead, why not encourage them to be politically aware”. The student community being young and energetic is like a fuel container which if provoked bursts into flames and spreads like wildfire. It is said that politics is the last resort of a scoundrel for which we have hundreds of live examples in our own government. Political awareness is harmful for a student for it downgrades his mind and disables him from properly focusing on his studies and career building.

Furthermore with instances of politicians being involved in corruption,, scams, scandals, crimes etc. developing in the news almost every other day :… it possible for a student to have a positive approach towards politics. I don’t think so. People may say that political awareness instills a sense of duty and brings out the leader from within you. But judging from the output in reality which is quite contrary to the above said,,,, in my opinion one is better off as a bookworm than a crook. To me genuine political awareness is to have social awareness, a civic sense of duty and a knowledge of my rights and limitations. But today political awareness has been cut down to just self obsession.

With help of the social media we are exposed to the lion’s share of the negative side of politics and as such political awareness developed is also at a pessimistic advent. There is a saying, ”Great speakers are the best liars”, the same is true for a majority of Indian politicians. Politics is too big a game for the inexperienced immature minds of young students for with inadequate knowledge they can easily be mislead. They are not grown enough to properly decide what is judicious and what is not.. Thus, to be on the safe side a student must be encouraged to keep away from political awareness, and this statement is something In which I put forth my firm belief.

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