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Policy Issues on Migrant Women Workers in Canada Essay

The proposal will be about the migrant women who journeys in another country in the hope of earning more money. Most migrant women came from Asia which goes in other parts of the world like Europe and US. The migrant workers are assigned in less professional fields wherein most citizens of the country do not want to fulfill.

Setting of the Study

The study will be the policies involved in the migrant workers situated in Canada. There is a high number of migrant workers needed in the country which is pointed to the economic growth and expansion. The study will involve the policies that Canada uses for its migrant workers.

Issues that surrounds the study

The issues that are involved in the study are the following:

– The protection of the women in other countries,

– The role of the women which changes once they migrate in other nation

– The policies which will include migration law and labor law from the receiving countries and the sending countries.

– The exploitation issues by Canadian employers

– The NGO’s roles in the guarding of women’s rights in other countries.

The Objectives of the study

The study aims of the following:

– Provide a written report on the assessment of the Canadian policy towards migrant workers.

– Show economic and political trends on the reason why Canada is in need of migrant workers.

– The strategic view about women migrating into another country to work.

Essay Topics:

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