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Policies issues Essay

By watching the video for this assignment I agree that these children are getting abuse and by the environment they come from they will grow up and may follow the steps of their parents. The mother had put a restraining order on the boyfriend. Until she had to call the police cause he kept coming to her house. Her small son was scare and child protector services (CPS) had to get on involve and replace him in a foster home. There are different factors. Some kids are taking drugs because they grew up around their parents or friends doing drugs. There some kids that physical abuse is involve in the family. In the video also addresses Policy implications or recommendations of the crime. It’s also a personal crime. The abuse come from the family itself or someone known by the family. I believe that the abuse effects all young kids.

These abuse kids will show depression, anti-social, anger, rebellious, and will lead them to take drugs. Before its misinterpreted wrong it is very important to understand the various kinds of child abuse that does occur. Child abuse is not just rigorously a bodily problem, but it is more than just that. This is what child abuse is; physical violence, verbal abuse, emotional, rape and psychological torment, sexual molestation, and abandonment. It important to see the background of these crimes and see if there is a pattern that were the abuse is coming from.

Child abuse is an inexplicable subject to so many people like the courts and child protective service. There is a few children that are found murdered every day from child abuse and nearly millions reports are made every year.


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