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Policies Essay Topics & Paper Examples

America’s current policies

Often, present generations, completely apathetic about their own sins, casts judgment upon the people who came before. This is not to say that, contrary to the prevailing wisdom currently choking our country, there are not absolute truths that were present during the inception of this country as well as in our present day. It is very unfortunate that some of our founding fathers held slaves; especially the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, who held nearly two hundred slaves at one time on his plantation at Monticello. We do not like that the father of freedom in America could not find it in himself to free his slaves. Jefferson’s own cousin, as well as a number of fellow…

United States

United States has been for long time been blamed for lack of concrete policies fostering social development towards South Americans. This can be traced form sour relationship from cold war times. Latin America entertained Soviet Union to an extent of adopting its communism ideology which was competing with capitalism ideology hence bitter relationship. This was followed by United States policies which campaigned for changed of economic ideologies . This resulted to most of Latin American authorities to adopt competing policies against most of United States policies which could have translated to harsh reception of Vice President in 1958 visit to Southern hemisphere. Relationship of United States gained a major boost after 1990 resulting to changes in various in major administrative…

‘Strategic Hrm and Performance

The people in an organization are considered to be one of the most valuable resources of today’s firms. Other resources such as brands, products, processes, technological advancement, economies of scale can still provide a competitive advantage but an organisation’s human capital are more vital for its sustainability. The idea that an organisation’s Human Resource can play a strategic role in determining its success has led to the development of a field of research commonly referred to as Strategic Human Resource Management. The understanding of the causal relationship between HR and organisational performance helps HR managers to design policies that will bring forth better operational efficiency to achieve higher organizational performance. The emergence of ‘strategic’ HRM represents a paradigm shift from…