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Poland Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Article About Love

Country, Location, & Flag : The name of my country that I am researching is Poland. Poland is located in the heart of Europe, on the North European Plain. It is bordered by the Baltic sea to the North and Northwest. By Germany to the West, by Ukraine, Belarus. Russia and Lithuania to the east and northeast and by Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south. In general, Poland mountainous in the south with the terrain becoming increasingly flatter toward the north. The flag is just two colors. White on top and red on the bottom. Climate: The climate in Poland is determined mainly by the country’s geographical location. Poland is in the temperate latitudes. The average annual temperature…

World War II in Poland

Milkweed, a novel written by Jerry Spinelli, is the story of a very young boy with no name and history, caught amidst the Holocaust era of World War II in Poland. He calls himself Stopthief because that is what he hears people shout after him. He lives in the streets of Warsaw stealing from rich people and food from the grocery and bakeries in order to survive. One day he befriends Uri, another young orphan, who gives him the name Misha Pilsudski and teaches him to believe that is a Gypsy instead of the Jew that he is, in order to save him from the German troopers they call Jackboots. In the course of the story, Misha meets another friend…

The Monastery on a Jasna Góra

The city, which is a spiritual capital of Poland, is a destination for religious pilgrimages from many countries all over the world, mainly because of the majestic and outstanding central place, dominating over whole area, called: the Monastery on a Jasna Gora. The place makes an enduring impression on all who visit it, since it is both mystical and delightful. One can not help but be impressed by architecture and a workmanship of the buildings as well as by the fascinating history. It has the enormous importance for all Polish people, since each individual person has visited or is going to visit it, having in mind thanking for all the goods that happened in their lives, or asking, or even…