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Poetry Lesson Essay

2. In “The Winter Evening Settles Down,” T.S. Eliot described the end of a day during winter in a city.  But in his description, the poet did not simply portray how winter evenings dawn.  Instead, he uses the words to express how he saw his environment during the time and what he feels about the era.  The lines of the poem speak of modern decay as characterized, for example, by the words “grimy scraps.”  His view of the world at that point are summarized the few lines of his poem.  The withered leaves dropping to the ground, the loneliness of the streets and the cold gust of winds relate to how the world was fading into decline from the author’s eyes.

3. In Kelly Cherry’s poem “Advice to a Friend Who Paints,” he alluded to Cezanne, who was a French painter during the post-impressionist era.  Knowing who Cezanne was gives clarity to the poem’s main theme — that of giving pointers to an artist, as the title implies.  The poet is giving advice to her friend for trying so hard to obtain perfection in his art.  Using Cezanne as an example, it would be easy to interpret that the author asks her friend not to seek too much perfection in his craft for man and nature were born and made imperfect.  Kelly Cherry recalls to her friend’s mind how the French artist struggled and failed to perfectly capture on easel the nature and man he loved.  By doing so, the poet hopes to make her friend become more satisfied with his work.

4. In the poem, “This is Just to Say,” the lack of punctuation provides uncertainly in the tone.  The second and the succeeding lines become part of the first line in the stanza by taking away commas and other punctuations.   Even the second stanza is connected to the first stanza because the first did not end with a period, while the second stanza begins with a small letter. The lines become connected and turn into one message that suggests that even one as simply written as this one could be considered beautiful.

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