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Poetry Analysis Essay

Introduction Name of poem Home Burial Name of poet Robert Frost Date of publication 1915 Other relevant background info This poem talks about Living, Death, sorrow and grieving, Relationships and Familly And ancestors. It is full of sadness and grief. During it’s publication it is presented as a whole new genre of poetry. Two deaths were depicted in the poem, that of a child and an end up of marriage. The poem deals with essential loneliness. This poem is brought up by his experience of losing his two children at a very young age. One of his son, committed suicide.

Form of poem It is a free verse; Dramatic Lyric Structure of poem The Poem has no rhyme scheme yet it have noticeable number of stresses per lines. Lines spoken by people are enclosed in quotation marks and thus recognized as such. It also used emotional or tense form of words Rhyme scheme No rhyme scheme Meaning Overall Meaning Each of us has its own destiny. Decision making takes a big role in human life as such it will dictate the future of a person. Though we may not have the privilege or the ability to see our future, we can rely that in every action there is a reaction.

It is said that Frost took the road less taken but in reality all of us travel in this very road and that is life, the run of life. All fo us run the same cycle. How the poem relates to life in general, and/or my life In decision making, we should take into consideration the effects it will burst forth and that what ever the result, I must be ready to embrace the consequence whether good or bad. Alliteration ‘I shall laugh the worst laugh I ever laughed To give of the best. To perform as if it will be the last. To smile at least there’s no tomorrow.

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