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Plurality Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Plurality & Aoki

Boyagoda (2008) and Aoki (2001) extensively elaborate issues on pluralism with special attention to United States. Pluralism is the diversified energetic engagement. It integrates diversity and real encounter as a way of reducing tensions in the society. It can also refer to the effort of people to understand each other regardless of their differential lines. People must know the whole truth about each other and forget about stereotypes and ignorance that usually leads to fears and violence at its extreme stage. Pluralism is the successful involvement in commitments but not just mere relativism. People’s differences should be held whenever they relate with each other. Pluralism must involve dialogue where people encounter in criticisms and self-criticisms. Pluralism therefore denotes diversified views…

Dualism and dichotomy in a world of plurality

Dualism posits the idea that the universe is comprised of twos, with each element achieving its totality only through the existence of these two. The duality of man (body and soul) is an example of this. Accepting this idea, however, presents an assumption that everything is composed of only two ultimate elements (the Chinese concept of yin and yang). The reduction of a being into two essences that determine his own essence can be seen as rather reductive and deterministic, especially if we factor in an assumption that, in fact, a being is a product of multiple aspects not necessarily its own. Moreover, the classification of things into opposites abandons the idea that there are ‘middle’ aspects that may not…