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Plato’s “Republic” and Organizational Relations Essay

Plato’s republic has the ideal state in relation to people, to justice, to excellence and happiness. His ideas may have been written hundred of years ago, but there is no doubt of its relevance to the society today. In so many ways, it is still related to organizational relations and reflects on how a certain ‘state’ should work. If we put Plato’s republic and organizational relations side by side, we would be able to see how some of his ideas should be related to an organization.

Justice is said to be a superior virtue. It is said that if one is to possess justice, this cannot be attained through anything incorrect. Anything that is not right is not excellent. Thus, if one is to possess excellence then, there is justice. He states that justice lives in man’s relations to other men. Another point that Plato keeps is that excellence in one’s function brings happiness. In such a way, we see the state as the organization, and the workforce would be the one to possess excellent virtues.

If the workforce has a good relationship the justice within the organization is served. There is nothing achieved through anything bad, such if there is good fortune achieved by one member, this should have been achieved through an honest way. Good relationship would have to entail efficient communication within the organization. This should also include an excellent professional relationship among the members of the organization.

And excellence comes from the competence of all the members of the organization to perform each given function. If all function with excellence then, it brings about happiness to everyone on the organization. In Plato’s ideal state, justice, excellence and happiness should be the goal of any organization. It encompasses good virtues that lead to contentment of all the members of the workforce. Reference: Retrieved March 16, 2009 from http://www. free-researchpapers. com/dbs/b3/peh94. shtml

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