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Plate Tectonics Essay

The theory of Plate Tectonics covers the extent on how the Earth moves and performs. Findings in the mid 1960s show that the theory is one of the reasons why magnetism, wide distribution of volcanoes, earthquakes, plants, and animal fossils are existing up to the present. The plates usually wriggle like a spinning wheel that they sometimes smash into each other causing a major impact on the Earth’s floor.

Likewise, the Plate Tectonics is identified as one of the causes of long-term climate changes, distribution of abound organisms, mountain building, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other major effects of the movement of the continents. As some theorists would explain, the plates composing the Lithosphere, the outer portion of the earth, move around the Earth’s crust which is embedded with continents on it. The plates beneath the continents may share out and cause a crack or a hole in the continental outer shell that fills the sea water.

It was found out then that the global temperatures, after the movement, keep rising that could melt most mountain glaciers which will cause a rise in the sea level. This unusual phenomena of changing sea water, atmospheric conditions, and the Earth’s temperature bring forth the evolution of abound organisms, existence of mountain building, earthquakes, volcanic eruption and other extreme changes in the Earth’s floor. The Plate Tectonics caused major impacts on the ocean water. And because of this, the Atlantic Ocean is becoming largely extensive.

But as some would see, the earth is sphere-shaped, thus, there should be a place where the entire changes of Atlantic Oceana will meet together. Scholars are afraid that this place will be in the Pacific Ocean and it will become smaller as the movement of continents goes by. Most areas that will be affected are those that are located along subduction zones bringing forth western North America and Asia to come closer together. In the long run, the Pacific Ocean will completely close while Asia and North America will meet up and form a new super continent.

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