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Plants Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Patterns In Plant Distribution Along The Shore To Land Gradient On A Coastal Beach

The plants pattern distribution along the shore to land gradient on coastal beaches is relatively in species diversity because many plants are not adapted to the harsh environmental conditions which include slat spray, sand movement and dry nutrients poor substances. However, some plants survive and nourish well in the coastal environment especially the colonizing species which are important to the early stabilization of freshly deposited sediments. For example, the American beach grass and dune sand bur grass which are pioneer colonist in diversity and are distributed along the coastal. They stabilize and initiate dunes (Cheplick 113). Annual grass species are relatively abundant in the coastal ecosystems making them denser in pattern and are well distributed. Along the shores due to…

Use of Plants in Medicines

Prehistoric humans tried out various types of plants in their rummage around for sustenance. Edible plants were used for food while the plants with unpleasant results and toxic plants were being used as weapons to confront enemies. Many plants were preserved for divination and medical functions which had physiological consequences such as . Still other plants those which produced physiological effects such as defecation, perspiration, deliriums or curing. With the flow of centuries, people have acquired knowledge to use a broad range of vegetation as medications for various diseases. Use of Medicine in the past According to the tradition many years ago, indefinitely more than 4,000 years ago, a book or a volume of medicinal plants named Ben Zao was…

Tropical Rainforest

Why does life thrive in the tropical rainforest? The tropical rainforest is very rich in water and food thus life thrives. We all know that food and water are the things that animals need the most for their survival. It also has a warm temperature due to the constant energy that the sun provides. The plants need the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis to be completed and use it to derived energy. And the plants serve as the food for some animals and these animals serve as the food to the carnivores. These are some of the reasons of why does life thrive in tropical rainforest. Explain why most of the food for herbivores grows far above the ground….

Bearer Plants

IRFS published the Exposure Draft 2013/8 Agriculture: Bearer Plants about the amendments of IAS 16 and IAS 41. The Exposure Draft has changed the definition and accounting standards of Bearer Plants. This report will focus on outline the main changes, the advantages & disadvantage and the impact on Treasury Win Estate Ltd. Part B: Amendments of IAS 16 and IAS 41 and the main changes on Agriculture: Bearer Plants. The Bearer Plant definition The amendment of IAS 16 has changed the definition of biological assets to the class of Property, plant, equipment that is use in an entity‚Äôs operation. IRFS Foundation, (2013, p.12 ED) in IAS 41 analyses Bearer Plant is plant that used in agriculture process, could produce at…