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Planning sheet Essay

To facilitate the message to spread across the state, four prominent newspapers, from the four major cities, located in various geographic areas are chosen. These are : Philadelphia daily news: covering the south and south eastern region Pittsburgh Business Times : covering the west and south west region Scranton Times : Covering the north and north eastern region Bradford Era : Covering the north and north west region ( Pennsylavania newspapaers) Leads for three newspapers : Bradford Era : Important event for language teachers Scranton Times : Language teachers shouldn’t miss this

Pittsburgh Business Times : A three day academic convention News Release ( for the fourth news paper – Philadelphia Daily News) “ 3 day academic convention – a curtain raiser ” PATELA, (Pennsylvania Association for Teachers of English and Language Arts) with over 1100 members from the teaching profession, is organizing a three day academic convention. The focus of this convention would be on how to improve the status of language teachers and how to enhance the quality of teaching in language. The convention will be held at the Commonwealth convention centre in Harrisburg. The convention dates are 1, 2 and 3 May 2009, and timings will

be from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. PATELA takes pride in organizing this convention under the able leadership of a prominent personality, Marilyn Minsodrf, who is just elected as the new president. She holds a degree in secondary education and has teaching experience of many years. She has been associated with PATELA for past many years as an elected representative from the North Central District. Her long experience will surely help the convention to move in the right direction. References: 1. Pennsylvania newspapers, retrieved on 28 April 2009 from : < http://www. usnpl. com/panews. php >

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