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Planning and implementation of promotional activities Essay

Contribute to the planning and implementation of promotional activities Part A – contribute to the planning of promotional activities My type of promotional activity is a peacock inspired theme, the objectives for this activity where to create a look to develop and enhance our skills, to increase salon business, Introducing new products and services. We all had idividual roles and responsibilitys for the activity, Our main role was to take responsibility for the planning and implementation of promotional activities, Roles were set during the group meeting, the different roles were set each meeting, e.g. Organising a photographer for the shoot, Liz was responible for this, Posters was set by Sophie, then to distribute them Sarah and Sophie C was responsible. We all had to find our models indvidually, and to do our risk assessments individualy, Writing mintues for the meeting was done by myself, Tia and Rachel. We participated in advertising the salon, and creating promotional displays.

Our rescources for the activity were our equipments which we all had to use our own, e.g. for mine I used feathers, jewellery, shoes, the outfit, and the make up, some of the students used the make up artist provided, but I done my own makeup on the model, we had to take into consideration the risk of all our resources and make sure they were suitable to be used, we all had a individual budget which was set by ourselves depending on how we wanted the look to be achieved and how many rescources we required.

Preparation for the activity was done by creating a mood board and we used design plans to carry out the activity, also reaserching ideas of what we wanted to use as our theme, was done we all had individual themes, so by doing this we had to take into consideration all the factors, E.g. theme suitable to the location, the timescale of the shoot, will we be able to get our shoot done within the timescale provided. A questionaire was provided to the auidence and the location, which was done by us, which was used to eveluate our activity whether its successful or not.

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