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Planning a Field Trip Essay

Before planning a field trip, I considered the theme we were currently engaging. Then I decided on taking a trip to the Fire Station because we were talking about fire safety. Earlier in the week, we had a fire drill and talked about things we should do in case of a real fire.

First I did a little research by contacting the fire station to see if there would be a fee, check group size limit, and ages allowed. Then I proceeded with making the necessary arrangements for the trip. I make arrangements with the facility for a specific day, set a time for us to arrive, and requested any information that would help us prepare for the visit. I contacted parents and informed them of the field trip and all of the details. I also asked for volunteers and reminded them to bring their cameras.

During the field trip, we planned to arrive a few minutes early. We had a firefighter to greet us and talk to the children about fire safety, and the rules before entering the fire truck. After the field trip I sent a general thank you note and encourage individual families to do the same as well. After getting back to center, I discussed the trip with the children, and asked open-ended questions to get them talking; such as, what did you like most about what we saw? What surprised you about this field trip? How has what you saw today make you feel about fire stations? Where would you like our next field trip to be?

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