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Planned Parenthood and Teen Awareness Group (TGA) Essay

The Teen Awareness Group or TGA is an educational program that is sponsored by Planned Parenthood in East Central Illinois. The aim of TGA is to mobilize specific age groups within the community to teach the younger population about teen pregnancy and other related issues. The ultimate mission or goal of the TGA is focused on a specific group of people, the youth, as a means to compartmentalize the services provided by Planned Parenthood and in the same way direct attention to vulnerable populations and ensure that specific needs or concerned posed by them are addressed.

Another objective and motivation being utilized by Planned Parenthood is the consequences of being unguided throughout a young individual’s life. The organization recognizes through its educational program that undesirable results, such as unwanted teen pregnancy, etc. , are results of uninformed decision-making and an unguided life. Through education, TGA aims to teach the youth to become more responsible and aware. The program does not only benefit the youth in terms of being educated and guided.

It also empowers them to become socially conscious of their responsibilities in terms of helping other people within the same age group to face challenges by becoming part time workers for the organization. Peer educators will be trained to be competent enough for the job requirements, and they should also be able to attend set meetings as required. Individuals who are eligible to join the cause should be between fourteen to eighteen years of age. The schools they are attending should be within the Bloomington-Normal and Champaign areas only.

Aside from peer educators, individuals who will be joining the program will also be able to communicate with adults who are more experienced in the area. Planned Parenthood operates for TGA by coordinating with schools within the areas mentioned. Peer educators and individuals who want to join the program are asked to communicate with representatives working in their schools to be informed of how to join the cause whether as the subject or the educator.

The resources for the programs that are lined up for the TGA are funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and the Cunningham Township/Urbana City Social Services Funds. Each institutions plays a major role in the production of resources that completes and realizes the purpose of Planned Parenthood through its educational problem facilitated by the TGA.

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