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Planet Earth Essay

Earth is the third planet from the sun. The place where many organisms exist, enhance with the beauty of nature. Packed with rich biodiversity, streams and rivers. Have you seen this place before? Maybe yes, but for how long? How much it matter to us if it is lost? What can we do to save them? Those are questions that that will hopefully strike our nerves. In this new millennium, many changes have occurred that altered the condition of the nature. Nearly all the natural rainforest has gone from several countries. It’s very alarming to know that our planet’s wealth is starting to vanish that provides us the basic-life supporting services. Imagine life without these resources, if we don’t put into effort conservation, were not going to only make our lives worse but it also going to impact wild life. People must keep in mind that gross materialism and the search of material wealth is not the only thing in life.

Many species of animals are now in massive decline and various factors contribute to extinction. The Amur leopard that is rare and highly endangered and the wild Bactrian camel, the most endangered large animal are threatened to disappear. Nearly half of the world’s frog is extinct by now because of the fungus that hit them. Forest elephants and Walia Ilex are also on the top list. Folks are shooting them for their bush meat so they tend to go to sheer cliff where they are safe from guns and snares. If your protecting the species, first thing you should know is how close to extinction the species are. Extinction is driven by habitat change, release of pollution into the environment, by global warming.

All these things are combining in a series of forces that likely to lead if we don’t take action very soon to the extinction of a large proportion of the wild life species. We can’t concentrate in only important species because every species is important. We need a great diversity of species. We need them all because when you start decreasing their number, you start reducing the stability of the area. To save one, typically means to save them all because if one of them got extinct, it will affect the others since they are part of them. It’s like a domino effect, if one piece falls automatically the rest of them will follow. In hot spot conservation, WWF’s strategy is to use anti-poaching patrols to protect the species, and so the rest get protected also in the bargain. With extinction so close, conservation becomes desperate. The Audubon zoo creates the species survival plan which is like parent organisation in the United State. The clone the animals and freeze the cells and 50 years from now, they could pull out the DNA and make them alive. It’s like living library in the future. The main thought is that they are getting attention from us. Protection and right treatment for these animals can give us such benefit in our life.

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