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Plan is a Magic Instrument for All Essay

“Plan” is a small, four-lettered, apparently innocuous-looking word packed with power that can make or break the world, both literally and figuratively. In fact the connotation of the word plan spreads across the universe, as even the universe is an outcome of a divine plan! There is a plethora of definitions of plan (Definitions, 2010), but this author finds plan as “an instrument applicable under any circumstance that needs a systematic arrangement of thoughts, things, actions and outcomes.

” It is a Magic Instrument for All The above definition carries a fair hint about the potential of this word, besides hinting about its multidimensional utility value as an instrument, applicable in all possible spheres. To Jack Welch, a plan may sound the outcome of a business venture, while to Le Corbusier, a plan may sound as the precursor of joy associated with an architectural form, to a football coach, plan might sound as the passage towards victory over the opponent.

This shows that plan acts as a procedure towards achieving both physical and metaphysical objectives. In the process it can be seen that plan is associated with futuristic implications and present state of skill with which one plans. From this perspective plan brings forth the issues like ability and application, where the ability serves a pointer to both cognitive and emotional intelligence, because there is no denying the fact that the degrees of emotional and cognitive ability have correlations with the quality of a plan.

It is that internal organization of individuals that gets reflected in their actions. Another subject is virtually embedded with plan, i. e. , innovation. Plan does not follow the beaten path more often than not, and thus it requires a unique organization of a thought that would be capable of coming into a full cycle like beginning, middle and end. From this perspective one can say, plan is an instrument to unearth dreams – it helps humans to give form to the intrinsic desires. Conclusion

While plan is an all-pervasive instrument to cut short the road towards goal in general, for a thinker it is a magic instrument that enables humans to organize their intrinsic thoughts to cut short the road towards self-actualization. References Definitions of Plan on the Web. (2010). Retrieved May 1, 2010, from http://www. google. co. in/search? hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org. mozilla:en- US:official&defl=en&q=define:plan&ei=MO_bS95RxbasB8PPsP0H&sa=X&oi= glossary_definition&ct=title&ved=0CAkQkAE

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