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Plan for Successful Team Building and Team Leadership Essay

Elements of Successful Team Building

· The importance of diversity should be inculcated in every member of the team to ensure respect and good working relationship.

· Engage the team members into a disclosure of who they are and where they are in relation to others. This is an act of building community within the team, which can facilitate harmony and better working relationships in spite of generational and other kinds of differences.

· Elicit commitment from team members to work towards common goals in the team and for the good of the whole organization.

Team Leadership

· Understand the vision, the mission and the goals of the team for clarity of purpose and unity of the team and the organization.

· Develop the leaders of the team in good decision making and appraisal of the situation of the team. This way, they can make effective decisions even with constraints of time and resources.

· Empower the leader to be responsible and accountable and engage the team in various scenarios so as to develop greater trust in the leader and in themselves.

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