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Plagiarism Excuse Essay

This letter is regarding the charge on violation of the University’s Student Code of Conduct. I comprehend that plagiarism is a crime, it is wrongful to copy some one else’s work or even idea without giving the author credit for his work. But, my assignments, term reports and coursework are never plagiarized not even a single bit, I always make it a point to cite my entire work appropriately. The reference list I have at the end of my coursework clearly reflects where I have taken my work from.

However, my mistake this time was that I forgot to properly do in-text citation of the things I took directly from the author’s text; I should have put those lines that I copied directly from the author’s document in quotes and then should have cited it both internally and at the end of the paper. I comprehend that I made a mistake by forgetting to put the author’s words in quotes, but my intention was not to cheat or commit a crime. All of this happened completely unintentionally.

The work pressure I was going through at the time of submission and continuous distraction by of clients and employees just made me feel sick and I completely forgot the basic requirements I had to fulfill in completing the paper. Sir, I am aware that the university is very strict regarding the rules it has towards plagiarism. I am not irrational and foolish enough to submit a plagiarized paper in college and ruin my future. I realize that it is better to shed tears for some time because of getting a bad grade in a course rather than weeping my entire life by submitting plagiarized work.

I am a student who cares about his academic career and wants to achieve a lot of goals in life. I can be a motivated contributor to the university; I am even capable to become much more than that if I am provided with the opportunity. Please don’t take this away from me because of my one silly mistake which I committed by coincidence, this university has taught me how to be a better person and has changed me. I feel a part of it and the thought of being separated from it is so painful.

I hope for your maximum cooperation as my future is in your hands! My life, my education, my respect in the eyes of my friends and colleagues is at stake and I may not able to digest any charge due to my silly mistake. I also fear that any action or charge against me will have a very negative effect on my health and business. Sir, Please consider my statement that I had no intention to plagiarize in any circumstances before taking any step against me as it is a matter of my whole life .

All my life I have studied very hard , was a brilliant student in class and a good person with everyone . I assure to the disciplinary committee with full confidence that my future paper will not be affected by any personal and business issues and I will pay full attention to all the university’s disciplinary requirements. I also hope that the reasons I gave to proof myself innocent will be taken into consideration. Reference: Gilmore, B. (2008). Plagiarism: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It. Heinemann

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