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Pixel Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Buyer decision process

Marketing Thoery & Practice Q.13 What is meant by the ‘buyer decision process’ ? Explain the process , relating it to an individual’s purchase of a new digital camera. 1 . Introduction: When a person makes a decision to buy something, basically, the product he want to buy is useful for him and he need it. Then he will go to find the “information” about that kind of goods from every seller and different brands. After he collect the information from ads, magazines, his friends, or mass media, he will think about that, compare the qualities, prices, services……between different sellers or companies, decide which brand of the product he gonna buy. Finally, he will choose the most preferred brand to…

Network Diagram

2. A medium-sized engineering firm has three separate engineering offices. In each office, a local LAN supports all the engineers in that office. Due to the requirement for collaboration among the offices, all the computers should be able to view and update the data from any of the three offices. In other words, the data storage server within each LAN should be accessible to all computers, no matter where they are located. Draw a network diagram that will support this configuration. 3. A small start-up company has a Web-based customer sales system that is written by using PHP and JavaScript. The company is deciding whether to host the system on its own servers, contract with a hosting company for a…