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Physiological Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Physiological and psychological responses

Attainment tests are an important aspect of measuring knowledge demonstrated or the outcomes that following instructions in a specific program. Intelligence tests determine an individual’s abilities being a reflection of experience gained in other means not necessarily part of school curriculum. However, examinee performance in these tests has been noted to vary from one kind of environmental setting to the other due to a number of both environmental and examinee factors (Pinku & Birenbaum, 1997).. For instance, environmental factors such as climatic stress due to global warming have over time impacted greatly on the conditions under which psychological tests are taken. Test environments vary substantially from place to place and also due to the cognitive demands of an assessment task….

Physiological manipulation in novel

Aldous Huxley is a visionary in every sense of the word, as he paints a vivid picture of the future that is second to none. His imagination is almost prophetic as he boldly presents his idea of futuristic society and the direction of mankind. Huxley’s imaginary society in the ‘Brave New World’ controls citizens through physiological manipulation during birth, psychological conditioning while growing up and a hallucinogenic drug called ‘Soma’ to provide instant gratification (Huxley 15). Although these techniques are said to eradicate class discrimination, religion and unhappiness, it paves the way for a lackluster, grey world deprived of any real life and creative ideas. Huxley’s visions of technology of the future such as genetic engineering, mind-altering drugs and bio-technological…