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Physics lab report Essay

Human Reaction Time is a measure of how quickly human can respond to a particular stimulus. This experiment is done by dropping a ruler and measuring the distance the ruler falls. On this experiment, the purpose of conducting the human reaction time is as an example indirect measurement, where the direct measurements which is the distance the ruler is falling is calculated in order to calculate the indirect measurement which is the reaction time. The relationship of this reaction can be derived when the motion is at constant acceleration. ∆y = vₒt + ½ at²

∆y = (0)t + ½ at² …… (initial velocity is 0)
∆y = ½ at²
s = ½ gt² …………….. (g is gravitational acceleration) the average reaction time can be measured using the relationship, where s is the distance of the ruler falling, g is the gravitational force (g = 9.80 ) and t is reaction time.

1. Each trial is begin with one student releasing the ruler from the upper end and another student catching the ruler initially after placing two fingers at the 50 cm mark. 2. In table 1, record 10 values for the falling distance, s and calculate the corresponding reaction time, t. 3. For a few values that are far off from all other values that might be caused by irritated or distracted during the experiment, the values may be ignored when calculating reaction time.

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