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Physician Should Be Allowed to Assist People Who Want to Die Essay

Loosing a love one is the most painful thing anybody can go through. However, watching them suffer is the most painful. I have not yet experienced it; however, when the time comes I will have to be strong for my family. Everyday people die it’s a part of life whether it is more than one person it is still death. However, if I were given a choice to help a person to die or not I would have chosen to help them die. I might sound a bit harsh or cruel but I’m not saying that I am trying to murder someone because that is for a fact that I am not. Furthermore, I am merely trying to find a solution to end their misery on this Earth.

However, if I were to help someone die I would use the practice called Euthanasia which is from a Greek word meaning “Good death” refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Euthanasia). Therefore, I agree that physician should be allowed to assist people who want to die. In addition, my reason would be because of financial problems, suffering of family members and victim, and off course the victim is already dead. I might sound a bit evil in a way but I am just stating my opinion. As we all know we live in a world that sings money, money, and money.

Nothing is free we have to work to earn money to survive and live. Nowadays, no one really goes gardening that much, no one really goes fishing or catching craps and they are ones that are practically free. Most people will just go to the store to get what they need such as, can meats, rice, soda, and others. Therefore, my point is nothing is free if we want something we work for it or sometimes if we can’t offered it we steal it and that’s not good. In addition, we have a financial problem which is one of my reasons that I would agree that physicians should assist people who want to die.

For example, if one of your love ones is in a comma and has been in the hospital for three years that the only thing keeping him or her alive are cords, wires, oxygen tube and a machine but still hasn’t come out of it what would you do? Can you still keep on paying his or her medical bill? Can you watch that person sleep while you leave everything behind just to take care of him or her? Even if you have that much love for that person that you’re willing to stay beside him or her no matter what it won’t change anything and it won’t bring that person back.

You would be just paying for everything that needs to be paid and taking care of everything that needs to be taking care of and would be left with nothing but yourself. Secondly, Suffer is a major problem that we have to go through also. That is why it is one of my second reasons. We are already suffering just by working as hard as we can just to survive. Therefore, for us to end up with an unexpected situation that involves one of our family members being in a comma and can’t get out of it would be heart broken. Not just for the family members but for the victim also.

For example, if I were to the one who has end up in a comma and has to be taken care of for the rest of my life I would not want my family members to be in pain just because of my unexpected disease. I would want them to move on with their lives and be grateful that they get to see the next sunrise. In addition, if a physician does not have the guts to help me end my life I would be the one to do it myself because making my family suffer is the last thing I would want my family to go through. They have already taken care of me since I was baby such as, feeding me, protecting me, loving me, and taking care of my financial needs.

Therefore, I would not want them to repeat the same cycle all over again. Lastly, if you have been in a comma for three years that the only thing keeping you alive is an oxygen tank that’s controlling your breathing, machine that’s making your heart pump blood through your blood streams, and an IV that feeding you everyday so you won’t go hungry. By not doing anything at all such as, moving, breathing, feeling, and eating you are considered dead. I was told by my father “That if you cannot do anything in your life you can might as well kill yourself to end your suffer”.

Therefore, to hear my father say that to me I was encouraged, instead, of discourage and rebel like any most teenagers will do. That is why I would prefer to help that person die in a way that will end his or her pain and suffering. However, there are many people that would say that physician should not be allowed to assist people that want to die. Therefore, in most case a person that does not have the strength to go through with it would be against it. I can think of other reason why they would not agree and they are because it will cause animosity for the family.

For example, family members that do not want their love ones to die but had to endure the pain of loosing him or her anyway would cause separation between family members and animosity. Secondly, loosing a love one would be painful to bear. As a result, they will be heart broken and empty throughout their lives unless they seek out closer and thirdly physician does not have the right to end someone’s life which is true. However, it may seem that way even if you do not want that person to die it wont change the fact that he or she is going to die.

In conclusion, I know that loosing a love one is the most painful thing anybody can go through. However, seeing a love one suffering for a very long time is the most painful. I might not yet experience it but to my own observation that I have see from others I know that they would not want to loose a love one in vain. Therefore, I agree that physicians should be allowed to assist people who wan to die. In addition, my reasons would be because of financial problems, suffering of family members and victim, and off course the victim is already dead.

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