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Phrase Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Shift work

Origin: A person seeing a table piled high with sumptuous food has a tendency to get too many and/or too large a portion. Since the problem is brought on by the eyes and a lack of reason, the person is portrayed a one whose eyes are bigger than their stomach. Elephant in the room Meaning: An important and obvious topic, which everyone present is aware of, but which isn’t discussed, as such discussion is considered to be uncomfortable. Origin: The theme of the exhibition was global poverty. By painting the elephant in the same bold pattern as the room’s wallpaper, Banksy emphasized the phrase’s meaning, by both making the elephant even more obvious and by giving those who chose to…

How Dickens uses language

There is a variety of repetition in the passage. Phrases like ‘Dead and Buried’ are repeated to remind us, as readers, that most of Pip’s family is dead. The word ‘buried’, suggests that it happened some time ago and that he never knew them, which makes us feel pity and sympathy for the character. Pip talks about his life in the marsh country, where he resided by the river and near the sea. This could possibly highlight how Pip (small like a river), may be connected to something greater than he could’ve ever imagined (like the sea). Dickens also uses some interesting vocabulary, with fascinating imagery in this passage. For example he describes the sea as a ‘distant savage lair’….

The differences and the similarities between mitosis and meiosis

There are certain similarities as well as differences between mitosis and meiosis. The following discussion therefore illustrates the both cases where the differences seem to exceed the similarities. Beginning with the similarities, both are processes where cell division occurs and new organisms are produced as well as enhancing development. The reproduction occurs in two types: the asexual and the sexual. In both processes they begin with the interphase as the first stage where cells replicate thus there is promotion of growth in sexually producing organisms. In both the microscope is used by the scientists in chromosomal classification of the patterns. They both occur in human, plants and animals, (Veronica, Armstrong. 2007). The difference between the two processes is first illustrated…

Integrate a quote with a signal phrase that precedes the quote.

In his article “A Matter of Degrees,” Clive Crook illustrates the importance of literacy today: “Illiteracy has always cut people off from the possibility of a prosperous life, and from full civil engagement… Three out of ten seniors in public high school still fail to reach the basic-literacy standard” (30). 2. Integrate a quote with a signal phrase that interrupts the quote. “So much about today’s adult industry seems like an undeft parody of Hollywood and the nation writ large,” says David Foster Wallace in the essay “Big Red Son,” describing the evolution of adult film stars. “…The gynecologically explicit sexuality of Jenna [Jameson], Jasmin [St. Claire], et al. seems more than anything like a Mad magazine spoof of the…

“That Woman on the Lawn” by Ray Bradbury

In the poem “That Woman on the Lawn” by Ray Bradbury, the speaker experiences many different emotions throughout. His emotions seem to change from happy, sad, angry, or sometimes he is alright with the situation. You’d think that a person would be emotional when they see the ghost of their dead mother, and the author portrays his feelings throughout. Bradbury uses many key words and syntax to make these emotions come alive through the whole poem, and it seems to liven up the poem and let us into to the real meaning of what the speaker is feeling, which in the end, he really doesn’t mind all of what his mother is doing. At the beginning the reader begins to…