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Philosophy Vocabulary Essay

Individual:? single?? separate.? ? Existentialism:? a? philosophical? theory? or? approach? that? emphasizes? the? existence? of? the? individual? person? as? a? free? and? responsible? agent? determining? their? own? development? through? acts? of? the? will.? ? Consequentialism:? the? doctrine? that? the? morality? of? an? action? is? to? be? judged? solely? by? its? consequences.? ? Nihilism:? the? rejection? of? all? religious? and? moral? principles,? often? in? the? belief? that? life? is? meaningless.? ? Absurdity:? the? quality? or? state? of? being? ridiculous? or? wildly? unreasonable.?

? Hedonism:? the? pursuit? of? pleasure?? sensual? self? indulgence.? ? Objectivism:? the? belief? that? certain? things,? especially? moral? truths,? exist? independently? of? human? knowledge? or? perception? of? them.? ? Individualism:? the? habit? or? principle? of? being? independent? and? self? reliant.? ? Determinism:? the? doctrine? that? all? events,? including? human? action,? are? ultimately? determined? by? causes? external? to? the? will.? Some? philosophers? have? taken? determinism? to? imply? that? individual? human? beings? have? no? free? will? and? cannot? be? held? morally?

responsible? for? their? actions.? ? Society:? the? aggregate? of? people? living? together? in? a? more? or? less? ordered? community.? ? Oppression:? prolonged? cruel? or? unjust? treatment? or? control.? ? Altruism:? the? belief? in? or? practice? of? disinterested? and? selfless? concern? for? the? well? being? of? others.? ? Utilitarianism:? the? doctrine? that? actions? are? right? if? they? are? useful? or? for? the? benefit? of? a? majority.? ? Biopower:? is? a? term? coined? by? French? scholar,? historian,? and? social? theorist? Michel? Foucault.? It? relates? to? the? practice? of?

modern? nation? states? and? their? regulation? of? their? subjects? through? “an? explosion? of? numerous? and? diverse? techniques? for? achieving? the? subjugations? of? bodies? and? the? control? of? populations”.? ? Totalitarianism:? state? is? a? concept? used? by? some? political? scientists? in? which? the? state? holds? total? authority? over? the? society? and? seeks? to? control? all? aspects? of? public? and? private? life? wherever? possible.? ?

Reciprocity:? the? practice? of? exchanging? things? with? others? for? mutual? benefit,? especially? privileges? granted? by? one? country?or? organization? to? another.? ? Socialism:? a? political? and? economic? theory? of? social? organization? that? advocates? that? the? means? of? production,? distribution,? and? exchange? should? be? owned? or? regulated? by? the? community? as? a? whole.? ? Communism:? a? political? theory? derived? from? Karl?

Marx,? advocating? class? war? and? leading? to? a? society? in? which? all? property? is? publicly? owned? and? each? person? works? and? is? paid? according? to? their? abilities? and? needs.? ? Capitalism:? an? economic? and? political? system? in? which? a? country’s? trade? and?

industry? are? controlled? by? private? owners? for? profit,? rather? than? by? the? state? ? Neoliberalism:? the? resurgence? of? ideas? associated? with? laissez? faire? economic? liberalism? beginning? in? the? 1970s? and? 1980s,? whose? advocates? support? extensive? economic? liberalization,? free? trade,? and? reductions? in? government? spending? in? order? to? enhance? the? role? of? the? private? sector? in? the? economy.? ?

Neoconservatism:? relating? to? or? denoting? a? return? to? a? modified? form? of? a? traditional? viewpoint,? in? particular? a? political? ideology? characterized? by? an? emphasis? on? free? market? capitalism? and? an? interventionist? foreign? policy.? ? Anthropocentrism:? the? belief? that? human? beings? are? the? central? or? most? significant? species? on? the? planet,? or? the? assessment? of? reality? through? an? exclusively? human? perspective.? ? Utopianism:? an? imagined? place? or? state? of? things? in? which? everything? is? perfect.? The? word? was? first? used? in? the? book? Utopia? (1516)? by? Sir?

Thomas? More.? ? Deontology:? the? study? of? the? nature? of? duty? and? obligation.? ?? Ontology:? the? branch? of? metaphysics? dealing?with? the? nature? of? being.? ? Epistemology:? the? theory? of? knowledge,? especially? with? regard? to? its? methods,? validity,? and? scope.?

Epistemology? is? the? investigation? of? what? distinguishes? justified? belief? from? opinion.? View as multi-pages TOPICS IN THIS DOCUMENT Epistemology, Philosophy, Truth, Capitalism, Karl Marx, Classical liberalism, Communism, Political philosophy RELATED DOCUMENTS A Closer Look on the Effects of Reading to the Vocabulary Range of Readers and Non-Readers … words. These words are called vocabulary words. Reading helps people improve their word range.

Readers tend to search for the meaning of an unfamiliar word which improves their vocabulary. Readers are also able to widen their vocabulary when they use context clues. Readers have different vocabulary range. Most of the people have the impression that a bookworm have a wide range of vocabulary. But, in reality, not all… 580  Words | 7  Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT Powerful Ways of Widening Vocabulary … TS: I have learned four simple ways on which we can expand our vocabulary. I. Exercise wide independent reading. A. Through books B. Through magazines C. Through newspapers II. Keep tools for learning vocabularies handy.

A. Such as pocket dictionaries B. Such as thesauruses C. Such as vocabulary notebooks III. Create a deep interest in word consciousness and awareness. A. By engaging in word play B. By… 580  Words | 4  Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT Difficulties in Teaching Vocabulary … language vocabulary. Two further distinctions in vocabulary are required to complete our model. We need to distinguish between a common core vocabulary known to all the members of a language community and specialized vocabularies, known only to special groups. We are of course primarily interested in the common core vocabulary.

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