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Philosophy of Life Essay

The hardest part of any journey is the first step. Human life would be so much easier if we were born into it with a roadmap and a flashlight some say we actually were, but we forgot where we put them. Nonetheless, part of life is clearing your own path, making your own map, finding life’s meanings, and defining your philosophy or world view, the next hardest part of the journey, once you’ve found your truth, is living it every day walking your talk. I believe we are each here for a purpose and everything happens for a reason.

We chose who we are physically, when and where we were born, and the life circumstances presented to us. Why nobody really knows. There are many possibilities. To learn lessons, like a school to be part of the overall evolution of human consciousness , to atone for karma, make up for errors and omissions in past lives, to play a role in a universal game or dramatic production, to satisfy spiritual cravings for the sensual, tactile pleasures of human life.

I even read/heard someplace that Earth is the penal colony of the Universe . “Hell on Earth,” the place where sinners do badders have to work out their sentences for their evil deeds. I also heard recently that human life on earth is like a vacation: leave home, travel to wonderful new places, experience the joy and awe, then return home. I must admit that at times it feels like the vacation from hell car gets a flat tire or two it pours rain every day at the beach or worse, while camping intestinal illness on a cruise ship.

Could be any of these things, could be all. I tend to lean toward the evolving karmic classroom approach. But the ultimate truth is that we are born to die. Our physical human lives are temporary, blips on the screen, a dash between the date of birth and the date of death on your tombstone. But while we are here, anything can occur, there are no accidents, nothing is impossible, miracles happen.

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