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Philippine Oregano Essay

Chapter I

Part I. Research Study

The Problem: Rationale and Background

Paints are used to color, add protection and give texture to different kinds of objects around us. Paints have different components. Additives are pigments that give distinct effects on paints and special effects on the wall, woods and other materials.

Coleus aromaticusbenth (oregano) is an herbal plant that can grow in any kind of soil. Some researchers from the University of Tennessee said that this plant can heal coughs of people and relieve the voice of others and it was effective in destroying dangerous bacteria and molds. Oregano has carvacrol and thymol, which can kill fungi and these isomeric substances, that can be added to an oil-based paint as an additive to determine if oregano is an effective additive component for paints.

Main Problem

The main problem of the study is to determine the effectiveness of Coleus aromaticus benth extract as an additive fungicide of paints.


1.Can the oregano extract be an effective additive fungicide for paints? 2.Will the different extract concentrations have an additional effect on the appearance of the paint? 3.Will the paint mixtures differ in the rate of killing fungi? 4.Which oregano extract concentration is most effective in killing fungi? 5.Is there a significant difference between the concentrations of oregano extract on the paint mixtures on the growth rate of molds in the agar medium?


1.Ho: The oregano extract is not an effective additive fungicide for paints. 2.Ho: The extract does not have an additive effect on the appearance of paint. 3.Ho: There is insignificant difference in the rate of killing fungi of the mixture. 4.Ho: The two concentrations have the same effectiveness in killing fungi 5.Ho: There is no significant difference between the concentrations of oregano extract on the paints mixtures on the growth rate of molds in the agar medium.

Conceptual Framework

Oregano, an herbal plant common in the Philippines, has Carvacrol and Thymol that is effective in killing fungi. Oregano is widely used as cough treatments and was used as a fungicide in this study. Fungicides are made up of hexachlorobenzene during the 1940’s. Fungicides added on paints react on the molds, preventing their increase in number.

Figure1. Paradigm of the “The Feasibility of Coleus aromaticosBenth as an Additive for Fungicidal Paints”

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