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Philanthropy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Captain of Industry or Robber Baron

The period of invention after the Civil War set the stage for immense industrial growth (Cayton 237). This period of time in the late 1800’s is known as the Industrial Revolution. Two prominent names in big business were John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. There is no doubt that these people left their mark on business and on history. However, there is some dispute over how these individuals should be portrayed. Some people say that they were robber barons, while others insist that they were captains of industry. A captain of industry is someone who is perceived to have helped the nation through their business skills and their philanthropy. On the other hand, a robber baron was someone who was…

Sample Research Methodology

There has been revelations recently in relation to salary top-ups at charities in Ireland. With donations falling and services being cut due to funding constraints, executive salaries remain under the microscope. This practice has attracted criticism and is affecting the credibility of many charitable organisations. Charities specifically identified as using donations or other sources of funding to improve salaries for executives will undoubtedly suffer most but many fared poorly in the pay stakes are likely to experience a negative effect too on the basis of guilt by association. Charitable organizations are a kind of business that fits within the non-profit organization category. In general, this type of entity is sometimes referred to as a charity or foundation, which can be…