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Pharmacy Admission Essay

A professional is someone who is both knowledgeable and able. He or she knows the theories, the facts, and the principles by heart. However, he or she also knows them by hand. Professionals apply what they know and enrich them. Also, they are not content on doing something just for the sake of finishing the task. They have goals. In every task that they try to finish, they are trying to finish the goals attached to them. They are virtuous, though not perfect. Professionals do not try to mask their imperfections, they work to improve on them and make them manageable for their career. Pharmacists need to be professionals in their chosen field.

If doctors save lives, pharmacists assist in prolonging this through the help of medicines and patient care monitoring. The most important professional trait for pharmacists would be honesty. Giving out prescriptions is a sensitive job, especially in this day and age when drugs are being used for purposes other than to live well and longer. Thus, pharmacists have to be honest and truthful with themselves, their patients, and their co-workers. Pharmacists should also be dependable. They should know the right medicine, with the right dosage and possible effects that it may have with the patient.

They should also know related information that will help the patients receive extended care. However, they should not be overbearing. Pharmacists should know and remember well that they work with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. They should be team players. They should know their limits. All of these are characteristics that pharmacists should have. They are essential to the medical hierarchy. They also play a sensitive role which they should master and be capable of. Like doctors, lives are at risk when it comes to medicines. However, a good pharmacist will know what to do, when to do it, and how it should be properly done.

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