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Pest analysis of auto industry Essay

Type of Educational Organization:
School Training Centre
College Others

2. Number of successful years your organization has completed: Below 5 5-10
10-15 15&Above

3. You use the internet for:
Regularly on a daily basis Twice a week
May be once in a week Not at all

4. Main purpose of using the internet/online presence? Please select all that apply. Work-related Study-related
Email News
Banking Entertainment
If other, please explain
5. The technologies implemented in your Educational Organization? Bio-metric Attendance Solution CCTV Security Office Accounting System Library Management System Please mention if any ______________________________________________ 6. The source you will use to collect the study materials for your students: Please select all that apply Text Books eBooks

Journals Previous year’s documents
If any website, please Specific Website (Except Google):

Time you spend on your office computer:
Less than 30 minutes 30-60minutes
1-2 hours More than 2 hours
If you are not using internet, what is the main reason for it? We don’t have time It is not interesting
We do not want any publicity We don’t want to share it

Device you and your students use to access the internet: Please select all that apply. Mobile phone
Tablet computer such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.
Laptop computer
Desktop computer

The aspect of EDU-ERP appeals to you the most in your campus: Please select all that apply. Connecting with Parents of your students
Connecting with Resource people
Connecting with Teaching & Non-teaching Staff
Connecting with Students

Have you ever subscribed to one or more Education Blogs/Websites? Yes No
If yes, please specify the blogs/websites names:

Information requirements of an organization can be determined by
Consulting Principal/Administrator directly
Through telephone calls
Through e-Brochure and Mailing

Changing an operational information system into EDU-ERP system is: Impossible
Expensive and done selectively
Never required
Usually done

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the greatest impact) how would you rank the impact of implementing EDU-ERP in your Educational Organization ? 1 2345 6 78910

For what reason, Management team in their own organization will not design EDU-ERP? Systems have to interact with other systems
They do not have the special skills necessary to design systems It is not their job  They are always very busy

Essay Topics:

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