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Persuasive Speech Outline and Annotated Bibliography Essay

Organizational Pattern:


a.Attention Getter: When I was about seven years old, I made one of the best decisions of my young life, and I didn’t even realize it at the time b.Reason to Listen: Sports are a big part of most of our lives. You don’t want to be stuck being a fan of the wrong team c.Thesis Statement: If you live in Grand Rapids, the Chicago Bears are obviously the best football team to be a fan of d.Credibility Statements: I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for most of my life and I’ve also read a bunch of different books, magazine articles and news stories about the Bears e.Preview of Main Points: I’m going to talk with you today about the history of the Bears, about some of the great football players that have played in Chicago and I’ll end with my final, irrefutable arguments as to why you should be a Bears fan


i.Founded in 1920 (Taylor 2005)
ii.Helped create NFL (Taylor 2004)
iii.Many championships
i.George Halas
ii.Walter Payton (ESPN 2005)
iii.Dick Butkus ( 2010)
iv.26 Hall of fame players (Creamer 2001)
c.Irrefutable arguments
i.Do you really want to remain a Lions fan?
ii.Better stadium
iii.Better city
iv.Lions are just bad


a.Review of Main Points: I’ve talked to you about the history of the Bears, the great players they’ve had and the fact that the Lions are just bad b.Restate Thesis: If you live in Grand Rapids, the Chicago Bears are obviously the best football team to be a fan of c.Closure: This past weekend was just another example of why I’m right. The Lions were ahead of the Bears at one point in the game. All of my friends who are Lions fans were texting me and laughing. In the end though, the Lions lost yet again. Let’s spread the word and stop the madness. No more Go Lions. It’s time for Go Bears!

Annotated Bibliography

Creamer, C. (2001, November). Chicago bears. In Retrieved December 5, 2010, from

This webpage is a quick summary of each of the Chicago Bears seasons since the year they were founded in 1920. It also lists interesting information such as hall of fame players, number of championships and retired numbers.

ESPN. (2005, September 5). Top 10 NFL players. In Retrieved December 5, 2010, from

This article shows the results of a compilation of top ten lists from ESPN NFL experts. The experts made lists of who they thought were the top ten players of all time. The article goes on to give a brief description of each of the players and what made them great. (2010). The top 100: NFL’s greatest players. In Retrieved December 5, 2010, from

This article shows the results of the top 100 NFL players as voted on by a blue-ribbon panel of experts according to It shows the rank of the panel as well as the rank of the fans. Many of the players have an accompanying video highlighting their great careers.

Taylor, R. (2004). Chicago Bears History (pp. 7-86). Chicago: Arcadia Publishing. Retrieved December 5, 2010

This book is a history of the Chicago Bears from when they were founded in 1920 by George Halas. The author, Roy Taylor, is a journalist and lifelong Bears fan and he recounts some of the legends of the NFL through his love of the Bears. From the Bears humble beginnings that helped create the NFL as we know it today to the current Bears teams. The author talks about some of the great players that have spent their careers in Chicago.

Taylor, R. (2005). Chicago Bears Lore. In Chicago Bears History. Retrieved December 5, 2010, from

This webpage gathers together some information about the Bears and their great players and has links to stories written specifically about the some of the most notable. It also provides a brief history of the Bears, where and when they were founded and some of the teams through the years.

Essay Topics:

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