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Personification Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How far is the pardoners tale gothic?

The gothic genre, thought to be introduced in 1769 by Horace Walpole’s noel The Castle of Otranto, was remembered for its crude, grotesque, exaggerated nature. Although in medieval times the Gothic movement had not commenced, Chaucer’s can be considered a forerunner to this movement as many aspects in the pardoners tale are clear gothic, however Chaucer did not perceive his writing as Gothic, he did not intentional write a Gothic tale like later authors did. The pardoner’s tale is considered the most Gothic out of all the ‘Canterbury Tales’ as it is the most abundant with gothic elements. These elements include Chaucer’s description of the Pardoner, the attractiveness of evil in the text, the presence of supernatural and horror, the…

Seamus Heaney – The turnip snedder

The poem “The Turnip-Snedder” by Seamus Heaney is about an archaic machine that was used in traditional farming, to cut the heads off turnips. The turnip-snedder is personified and portrayed in multiple ways. It is personified in a monstrous way but also in a very god like and powerful manner. The turnip snedder is also used to reflect the idea how some people refuse change even though it is inevitable. The poet’s attitude is nostalgic with a sinister undertone of violence and terrorism. The poem is written in couplets and contains two sentences. The couplets mimic the sound and feel of turning the turnip-snedder, making it seem like a cycle. The first sentence introduces the turnip snedder as an archaic…