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Personality Essay Essay

Every individual person has a personality. This personality is also unique in every person, and is influenced by such things as the environment and his or her genetics , So the personality could sets the career future , it help to understand yourself . it’s equally important to understand what is really important to you , and how to success at the career . In this essay I will talk about ISFJ personality and how did it match my personality . In the results of the personality test ISFJ personality have a many good and bad traits.

People who have ISFJ personality have an excellent memory , they work hard to get their jobs done , take their responsibilities seriously , kind and considerate , they have a large store of information about people , very excellent sense of space and function and can be depended on to follow things through to completion . However it have tow basic traits help to define career direction : 1- they are extremely interested in-tune with how other people are feeling , and 2- they enjoy creating structure and order , and extremely good at it .

But the bad things ISFJ personality that they are put others needs and feelings above their own , and they uncomfortable with conflict and confrontation . I did the personalty test because its very important to understand what is important to me , so I can success at the career I choose . the results did not surprise me pretty much because I think are the most of traits in me . For example it is true that I have an excellent memory , working hard to get the job done , like to put structure in order , have a peaceful living , likely to put people’s needs on my own and taking responsibilities seriously .

Almost all the traits match my personality traits. In the end , the results shows many interesting careers for example : interior decorator , designer , administration , office mangers , and child care. However , I feel like I’m interesting in interior decorating and cloth design because I can be more creative and shows my creativity in these two careers . But also I’m interested in office mangers because I can work hard and be creative in it and be good at it.

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