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Personal Summary and Career Aspirations Essay

My well-rounded skill set and professional experience coupled with my passion for providing superior customer service in a truly unique business model allows me to proudly introduce Anew Salon & Day Spa. This full-service, comprehensive concept will pamper our clients and differentiate us from ordinary salons and spas. Anew will take care of our clients physically, spiritually and mentally in a tranquil, classy and soothing environment. From the moment clients enter Anew, they will experience a spa unlike any other.

Our extraordinary facility will include a Wellness Center and a highly-trained and diverse professional staff that can satisfy the most discriminating clientele. From children to adults and from expecting mothers to the developmentally disabled, Anew will competently and courteously cater to our clients’ needs and wishes. I hold an Associate and Bachelors degree in Business and my vast professional experience includes management positions, customer service responsibilities and disciplined military service.

My fourteen years of ancillary salon experience coupled with my diverse business experience and passion is the impetus behind my goal of owning and operating Anew. For many years I have formulated and refined the ideas and concepts that make this spa unique and exciting. I have competed vigorously and successfully so far in my personal and professional endeavors, but Anew captures my passion and my vision for lasting success and satisfaction.

Though it may seem to be a departure from my military service, the skills that I developed and honed there (supervisory, customer service, multi-tasking, account management, and the ability to excel in challenging environments) will allow me to excel with Anew. I am intensely driven to pursue my passion within the spa industry, and I am prepared to deliver a wonderful experience that will let my clients look amazing and feel just as amazing within.

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