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Personal Statement to Win a Scholarship Essay

An experienced and fully qualified registered nurse who is efficient, thorough and passionate about delivering the best levels of care to patients. I possesses extensive healthcare experience in a wide range of key nursing fields and has the required physical, mental and emotional strength to stand up to the rigours of this demanding profession. Able to work autonomously and has vast knowledge of using the latest state of the art medical equipment to treat, observe and record the conditions of patients. As a driven individual who wants to progress she is now looking for a suitable nursing position with a reputable, exciting and modern healthcare provider.

Employment History Emena Hospital Assistant Superviser – Sept 2011- current

Duties Caring for patients who are suffering from acute and long-term illnesses and diseases. Administering drugs, medication and injections to patients. Treating patients with respect and dignity, and giving attention to individual needs and wishes. Kj Prioritising workloads and allocating patients appropriately. Maintaining high clinical standards and high levels of quality care delivery Providing information, emotional support and reassurance to patients and relatives.

Nursing Skills Implementing and participating in vaccination and immunisation programmes for both adults and children. Taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures. Experience of Chronic Disease management i.e. diabetes and asthma, etc. Responding calmly to emergency situations.

Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions. Organising junior staff and prioritising busy workloads. Able to liaise with social services and other care agencies. Preparing beds, rooms, sterilising instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensuring that an essential stock of supplies is maintained.

Essay Topics:

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