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Personal Ethics Statement Essay

“Ethics is the branch of philosophy concerned with evaluating human action” (Guido, 2010, p.3). My personal core of ethics includes compassion, respect and caring. I believe a nurse must have compassion so that the nurse and patient can establish a rapport relationship. When the nurse shows her kindness and love, patients can feel it and they will work with the nurses. I also remind myself I should respect my patient, their family, my coworkers, and myself. With respect, I can honor my patient’s wish by providing nonjudgmental care and support my patient’s cultural belief and preference. I believe caring plays an essential role in nursing practice. When utilizing Watson’s caring theory in my nursing practice, I focus on the human-to-human relationship. I will listen to my patient’s concerns and acknowledge patient’s problems and emotional and spiritual needs so as to provide individualized patient care and make them feel better.

The result shows I tend to think through a problem carefully and try to be fair to everyone in order to achieve an ethical result. I agree with the result because I try my best to treat my patients fairly regardless their gender, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status. Even my patient is homeless with mental illness, I will still provide professional nursing care. Meanwhile, I will advocate and speak up for my patients if my patients are being treated unfairly. For instance, if I see the nurses laugh at an obese patient at the nurses station, I will kindly remind them it is an inappropriate behavior, and we should aware of our biases and be professional.

Through several years’ training, I try to understand my values. I think when I understand the values, it motivates the decision makings. Personally, I value autonomy, responsibility, justice, and commitment. I believe those virtues can guide to action. I should act at all times in a manner that respects my patients and coworkers, treats them fairly, and be accountable and responsible for my action and keep the promises I make. I think with commitment, and sense of autonomy in practice, I can be a better nurse and I can provide effective patient care. The weakness I got from this inventory is being authoritarian. I have my rules, and I have to admit that I very strict to myself and others. Hence, I have a high expectation of others. I know this will lead to conflicts when we have teamwork. I need to remain open and put myself in someone else’s shoes to understand their situations. I have to learn how to forgive others if they did the wrong things. I also have to learn I need to encourage others instead of blaming.

Guido, G. W. (2010). Legal & ethical issues in nursing (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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