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Pericles Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Two Sides of Hellenic Thinking: Pericles’ Funeral Speech and The Bacchae

One of the most famous thinker, orator, general, and statesman in ancient Athens is Pericles. Pericles (495-429 BC) is known as one outstanding figure that represented the “golden age” of the city state of Athens; it is where philosophy, the arts and literature, and the practice of democracy flourished. In addition, it is also in the time of Pericles where many ideas and modes of thinking where developed, which later became one of the most important foundations of western civilization as a whole. Pericles lead the building of most of the structures which can be seen in the Acropolis, and also developed Athenian democracy, representing the heights of Hellenic thinking that western civilization sought inspiration from. However, it is not…