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Perfect Teacher Essay

In nowadays when its getting harder and harder to attract children’s and students to learn something, when they are often sitting next to their computers and doing nothing, it’s very important to be a good teacher, to know how to make children’s and students be more interested in studying and to make them spend more and more time on their homework.

I’m a student too and from my point of view teachers must have a good character, good attitudes, good teaching skills, and have a good relation with the students. They must be creative in order to make the students can easily understand or to make the study hours more enjoyable, so that the students would not be bored. Rather than just speaking and explaining in front of the class, the teacher can also have some experiment or other fun activity like researching about weather to increase the student’s knowledge by doing something, not only by listening.

But I think the most important thing is the desire to be a good teacher. This means the one who succeeds in every aspect of teaching, just like the teachers recognize students who really try to be good students, Students also recognize teachers who really want to be good teachers. That’s just my opinion about being a good teacher, or what should you do to be one, but I think that all students would agree with me that if all teacher would be like I said, there would be more students spending their time studying.

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