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Percentage point Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Entreprenurial Finance

MINI CASE 2 ANSWER SHEET GROUP #2 R.K. Maroon is a seed-stage web-oriented entertainment company with important intellectual property. RKM’s founders, all technology experts in the relevant area, are anticipating a quick leap to dot-com fortune and believe that their unique intellectual property will allow them to achieve a subsequent (year 3) $100,000,000 venture value with a one-time initial $2,000,000 in venture financing. In contrast, similar dot-commers in their niche are currently seeking multistage financing amounting to $10,000,000 to achieve comparable results. The founders have organized with 1,000,000 shares and are willing to “grant” venture investors a 100% return on their business plan projections. A. What percent of ownership must be sold to “grant” the 100% three-year return? Value to…