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People who make decisions based on emotion and justify those decisions with logic afterwards are poor decision makers Essay

The debate of whether to follow emotions or logic is a complex one. As the given statement seems too strong in suggesting that all those who make decisions based on emotion are poor decision-makers, it may be warranted to discuss both the positive and negative role emotions and logic play in our decision making process.

In certain cases, decisions based on emotion can result in undesirable consequences. There exist several examples of impulsive shoppers who get consumed by the emotion to acquire and buy something, and consequently, end up with a purchase they later realize wasn’t required at all. Advertisers and sales personnel, aware of this tendency, often play with this emotion to their advantage.

A more severe example could be of substance abusers and addicts, who, in a moment of high emotion and drama, triggered by an adrenaline rush, make decisions they might need to regret later. Gamblers, guided (or, misguided, rather) by the emotion of avarice and the “high” of winning could end up impoverishing themselves and their dependents. One also comes across people who make the wrong dietary choices, to satiate their taste buds, thereby posing a danger to long-term health.

The examples discussed above present the seamier side of decisions based on emotion; however, it should be recognized that certain situations require that decisions be guided not by logic, but by impulse.

The adage “sieze the day” suggests that one should let the heart rule over the head, and grab an opportunity with both hands. In other words, instinct and intuition can aid in better decision-making sometimes, rather than mere dependence on logic. There are several examples of business honchos who claim to have taken risks, guided by their hearts, and reaped benefits of such decisions. In contrast, there are others who lament the loss of opportunity because they “thought too much” and were hesitant to follow their heart. In short, decisions based on emotion may not always lead to wrong choices.

Just as the brain and the heart work in tandem to keep the body functioning smoothly, one may assert that both emotion and logic are complements to each other, and facilitate the decision making process. Decisions made on the basis of logic alone may not work out always, while choices guided by emotion and instinct could very often work wonders, and hence shouldnt be disregarded all the time.

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