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Peninsula Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Limang halimbawa ng pang- uri na lantay?

1. Introduction The Saudi Arabian society has undergone major changes through the use of the Video (VCR/ DVD/ VCD) and television (TV). These influences come as a result of watching many hours of foreign cultures on their Video machines and the TV sets. These influences of the Video and TV may affect family ties, family size, studying habits, friendship concept and the use of leisure time. For example, Saudi viewers watch different life styles from their own on the above noted media which may have negative effects on their social beliefs. The influence of watching foreign cultures on these media either at the individual or group level may create more than one sub-culture within one society. However, this study intends…

What factors facilitated European maritime exploration in the 15th century

1) From your knowledge of history, what factors facilitated European maritime exploration in the 15th century? (what / who gave them the tools they needed) The fifteenth century saw an upsurge in maritime exploration in Europe which was led by the Portuguese. Several factors contributed to this, and I am now going to take an in depth look at these factors Firstly the Portuguese had a seventy year head start over the Spanish due in part to the distraction caused by the Spanish civil war and the Reconquista of Granada. The Moors who were a group of Moslems conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711. Over the next 750 years there would be numerous battles between the Christian and Muslims to…