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Patriotism Essay Topics & Paper Examples


To some people, being a patriot means never questioning the decisions of their leaders. To others, being a patriot means constantly keeping their leaders in check, reminding them that they are working for the people. In modern America, what it means to be a patriot has become the topic of much debate, as controversial wars, divisive politics, and a confusing conglomeration of technology and media blind the country to everything but the bottom line. But, through it all, the making of a patriot is possible through the same basic traits. Whether a soldier fighting and killing to protect the country, or a protestor voicing grievances, or a politician making decisions that he or she feels is best for the country,…

“The Angry American” by Toby Keith

Tragedy is one of the most influential inspirations for art, including songwriting. In recent times, many artists responded to their feelings toward the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, with an abundance of artwork, poetry, and songs. One of the songs, Toby Keith’s “The Angry American,” may conceivably be portrayed as a summation of the artist’s patriotic values in a reaction to the event. Although in initial observation it may seem as though the song attempts to also inspire patriotism in its audience, it does quite the contrary, inspiring revenge against acts that hurt or threaten the USA, namely September 11th. Patriotism is defined as positive acts of nationalistic feeling: Keith suggests, however, that vengeance or at…

What patriotism mean to me

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