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Patagonia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Passion for the Planet Case Study

1. What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Patagonia? Explain. First, McGregor’s Theory Y is a modern and positive set of assumptions about people. McGregor believed managers could accomplish more through others by viewing them as self-energized , committed, responsible, and creative beings(Kreitner and Kinicki,2010, pg.8). According to the passage, “Patagonia’s philosophy is the handiwork of Chouinard….He helped pioneer modern rock-climbing techniques in his youth and now prowls the globe in search of outdoor adventures and product ideas…or advocating radical changes in the way Americans do business.” I conclude that the founder’s ability to do new things and being committed to the business solely gives realm to McGregor’s Theory Y. It gives the employees hope and encouragement…

Patagonia Challenge

-Established in 1972, Patagonia is an outdoor-clothing company known for its green business model. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard who has “ turned his passion for outdoors into an amazing business” -Patagonia represented an “experiment” to challenge conventional wisdom and present a new style of responsible business. Patagonia strived to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. -Patagonia’s product line was composed of 4 main product categories: Sportswear, Technical Outerwear, Technical Knits and Hard Goods. It focused on three criteria’s while developing goods: Quality, Environmental Impact and Innovation. -During the 1980’s, Patagonia grew its sales from $20 million to $100 million and expanded internationally to Europe…

Recycling and Patagonia

1. Evaluate Patagonia’s business strategy – what type of strategy is it pursuing and how has it configured its value chain to support this strategy? Patagonia’s is pursuing a community-focused sustainable strategy, where it focuses on its actions and policies to establish connections with the community, where it takes action to benefit the community as a whole, including other businesses, not only its customers. A Patagonia jacket signals the wearer’s individual association with the community of environmentally concerned hikers. Its initiative of repair, reuse, and recycle makes it highly environmentally-conscious. Patagonia has configured its whole value chain of employees, supply chain, and marketing & sales to move towards a lower carbon footprint, and offering all people attached to its lifecycle…