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Pasture Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Temperate Grassland

“TEMPERATE GRASSLAND” Temperate grasslands are defined as places where grasses predominate over trees and shrubs. The name for this biome, temperate grasslands, is a great description for what it is like there. The most important plants in this biome are grasses. Two major kinds of grasslands in the world: • Savannas • Temperate grasslands. Savannas are defined as places where individual shrubs and trees are scattered among the grasses. Temperate grasslands: trees and shrubs are completely absent or rare. Prairies have long grasses, and steppes have short grasses, but both are temperate grasslands. The three most prominent features of temperate grasslands are their climate, soil and flora and fauna. Prairies: An extensive area of flat or rolling, predominantly treeless grassland,…