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Parker Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Strong relationships

Dreams can be described as reflections, unconscious wishes, and a by-product of mental house keeping or interpreted as a brain activity. Guiley (1998) says, “Dreams are the inner powers that project out creativity which has changed lives”. All these descriptions may be true or false depending on which type of the dream that has occurred during the night. In is interesting that a greater percentage of dreams occur at night. Then the question is why do many dreams occur at night? Noticeably, this it the time of resting and every body part or organ rest or relax. This means organs like the heart, lungs and the brain do not rest but they relax. Therefore, this time of the day, that…

Sertive style

“A Telephone Call” by Dorothy Parker is a short story that focuses on a woman waiting for a man to call her. He told her, “I’ll call you at five, darling” (Parker, 1) but as time passes he still has not called. She begins to bargain with God by begging Him to make the man call her as well as by keeping her from calling the man (Parker, 1). The woman in this short story takes a classic lamb’s approach to asserting herself. She begs and pleads with God by attempting to make her reasoning and logic seem sound while also attempting to make God feel compassionate towards her strong desire to have the man call her as he said…

Parker Pen Company

Background George Safford Parker founded Parker Pen Company in 1892 in Janesville, Wisconsin. It began with the production of his first fountain pen. Afterwards in 1894, Parker had its first major innovation; “the lucky curve” which consisted on reducing the leak caused in fountain pens. Parker’s first marketing approach was to produce high quality pens and make them become status symbols; Parker pens were signer’s favorite, giving the company the first or second position globally. The company obtained this successful position due to investigations and development by constantly innovating for the production of new products; for instance with the creation of Quink “quick drying ink, they produced the Parker 51; which became a bestseller and was catalogued as “the most…